Slipknot spielen auf dem Rosklide Festival 2013

(FOO-intern) – Und wieder Aktuelles vom Roskilde Festival 2013. SLIPKNOT werden dort im Sommer 2013 die Bühne rocken. Weitere News hier in der Orginalmeldung:

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Throughout December you can participate in our “What happens next” video quiz and win the Ultimate Roskilde Festival Kit and a guided backstage tour on Roskilde Festival.

There’s no absolute truth about Roskilde Festival, but if there were one it would be: you never know what happens next. Our brand-new film quiz is all about figuring out just that.


Buy your ticket now at a special price
The ticket sale starts today. Buy NOW at 2012 price.

We put 78,500 full festival tickets up for sale today. The price is DKK 1790 (approx. EUR 240) – the same price as in 2012. Come 1 March 2013 the price rises to DKK 1890. A full festival ticket gives access to eight days of experiences, camping and up to 200 music acts.


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