Timetable – Spielplan für Roskilde Festival 2012 online – Kraftklub kommen


(FOO-intern) – Neue Bands und der offizielle Spielplan beim Roskilde Festival 2012 . Das sind die heutigen News aus Dänemark. Da wir nach nun dreißig Jahren keine Akkreditierung mehr bekommen haben, warum auch immer, gibt es in diesem Jahr allerdings keinnen Bericht und Fotos von uns zum Roskilde-Festival 2012, außerdem werden wir die Vorberichterstattung betr. Roskilde im nächsten Jahr weitgehend runterfahren. Ähnliches werden 2013 wir mit deutschen Festivals machen, die uns eine Akkreditierung versagen.
Wir sind es leid, ständig kostenlose Werbung ohne jegliche Gegenleistung zu machen!

Zum Spielplan

KRAFTKLUB (DE) have charmed the rock-loving audience in Germany with their rebellious party music. The band sounds a bit like Franz Ferdinand or The Clash with weißbier in the blood and thinly disguised chart ambitions.

LONE (UK) have on a dense stream of albums developed their own imaginative mix of rave, hip hop, funk, techno and star-glittering synthesizers. It’s evident on the critically acclaimed 2012 release Galaxy Gardens on which the many flavours, colours and shades are perfectly balanced atop the looped rhythms.

CHRISTINA ROSENVINGE feat. CHRIS BROKAW & REFREE (E/US) has taken the step from teenage pop idol to respected alternative artist in Spain. Her distinctive vocals are reminiscent of both Stina Nordenstam and Cat Power. In this unique, first concert in Denmark, she is accompanied by sadcore legend Chris Brokaw of Codeine and the Catalan troubadour Refree.

THE SWAY MACHINERY (US) plants Jewish cantor singing in a gaudy flowerbed of African, East European and Middle Eastern sounds. At the same time, the interplay and the brass band guarantee a playful and rocking atmosphere, lifting the ancient music traditions to a higher level of funk and Afrobeat-like music.

The Sway Machinery’s obsessive sounds are intended as part of a night on the Gloria stage where musical hypnosis is the overall theme. We were lucky to get ahold of the American band, as one of our originally scheduled acts is unfortunately unable to play.

One cancellation
Son Palenque were supposed to play as part of this theme on the Gloria stage Saturday night, but unfortunately they won’t be able to make it. Their European tour is postponed to 2013.



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