Refused & Warbringer beim Roskilde Festival 2012


Refused, die schwedische Hardcore-Band, die Anfang des Jahres ihre Wiedervereinigung bekannt gab, ist eine der drei Neubestätigungen des diesjährigen Roskilde Festivals.

Ebenfalls bestätigt sind die amerikanische Band Cerebral Ballzy und die Kalifornier von Warbringer. Und gerade noch frisch dazu gekommen sind heute Terakaft und Boubacar Traoré.

weitere Neuigkeiten im Original:
TERAKAFT plays hypnotic desert rock full of thirst, spirituality and shimmering electric guitar sounds. The band has previously shared members with Tinariwen, and the band name means caravan in the blue people’s, the Tuareg, language. When you hear the music you can almost feel the desert sun burn down on the wrapped-up musicians. Terakaft is affiliated with Roskilde favourites Tinariwen who played at Roskilde Festival for the first time in 2001. We are proud to expand the knowledge of another great band from Sahara’s sandy plains.

BOUBACAR TRAORÉ is a West African veteran whose status in his native country is on par with Ali Farka Touré. Having played for over 40 years, Boubacar Traoré (also called Kar Kar, ‘the dribler’, in his football-playing youth) makes his Roskilde debut, and not one day too soon. Actually, it’s a minor legend whom we can finally welcome at Roskilde Festival. With a voice that sounds like it has slow-ripened in the sun, Traoré plays the blues with the acoustic guitar as the main accompaniment.

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