Paul McCartney spielt auf dem Roskilde Festival 2015


(FOO-intern) – Ein weiteres Highlight erscheint auf dem Roskilde Festival 2015: Paul McCartney, Ex-Sänger der Beatles wird die Bühne besteigen und sicherlich einen großen Querschnitt seiner Songqualitäten der letzten 60 Jahre performen. Hier die Originalmeldung aus Roskilde: (Foto: Presse Rosklide-Festival / Paul McCartney)

The legendary composer, singer, musician – and ex-Beatle – Paul McCartney will play Roskilde Festival on Saturday 4 July 2015. His only European festival gig this summer. Our Orange Stage hasn’t been graced by a former Beatle yet. But in 2015 we’re making that happen! Paul McCartney hasn’t played in Denmark in 11 years, and we’re thrilled that he chose Roskilde Festival as the spot for his return.

This will be the first time ever that our audience has opportunity of singing along to classics such as “Get Back”, “Hey Jude”, “Helter Skelter”, “Let it Be”, “Eleanor Rigby” and “Live and Let Die” in the company of the very artist who penned these timeless gems.

Paul McCartney has recently finished touring in the US and South America with set lists containing about 40 career-spanning songs – and with reviewers enthusiastically reporting of a ‘marathon extravaganza’ and a ‘three hours’ triumph’.

Expect Macca’s Roskilde Festival show to be stocked with gems from the equivalent of three careers – The Beatles, Wings and his solo material. Many of the songs on the set list are even considered some of the best songs ever written.


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